Visual Control Panel

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Brochure_Pannello_VISUALThe VISUAL is a touch-screen color graphic high-contrast control panel, with advanced functions, for process control for multiple types of plants.


It's able to control all the series of industrial ovens and automatic systems.


Available in different sizes from 8" to 12".


Technical data (click on the image)

{yuizoomarticoli/automazione_processo/visual1_re.png|articoli/automazione_processo/visual1.png|Dati di lavorazione}


Processing data

  • Visualization of the graphics process, current and historical..
  • Event Message and Alarm logging
  • Sending command


Event logging - Black Box

  • Real-time event visualization and storage in the Black Box


Advanced programming

  • 250 programs.
  • 50 steps for each program.



  • Automatic storage of the graphics process.
  • Visualization of the graphics process, current and historical,
  • Advanced insertion of formulas for the trace display graphics and realization of complex functions such as calculating the value 'F'.

User management

  • Customizable access management with multiple levels of authorization. Each user has its own access password with a different language and operational messages.


Technical Assistance and remote Control
  • Intranet or Internet control and remote control in real time of the process.
  • Remote Updates.
  • Remote Assistance.


Other Features

  • Multilingual.
  • Ready for connection to sw CUMIX.
  • Customization of the panel for each customer.
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