Universal Cooking Continuous Tunnel

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Universal cooking Tunnel

TU... UN type continuous cooking tunnel is indicated for different typologies of product as hamburger, beefsteaks, chicken, meatballs, fruit, vegetable and other types of food production.


High productive capacity depending on product typology Working temperature up to 280°C

Available more independent phases of the working process Electric

or steam supply - Control of working cycles during the different phases of working process supervised by the PLC (Personalized logical control) to guarantee control of all functions.

The tunnel can be personalized and is available in different version suitable for standard and particular working. Our technical office remains to your total disposal to examine particular production requirements of each customer.

Universal continuous cooking Tunnel TU... UN are suitable for:

  • roast browning
  • superficial roasting
  • dry cooking
  • steam cooking
  • drying.

Verinox's certified quality, experience and know-how guarantee your investment.

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