Special Plants

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pressaThe use of advanced technologies, the customization of processes and plant, the continual challenge posed by the competition and awareness of the importance of quality in food production, have always prompted Verinox to dedicate time and attention to the design and development.

Thanks to our consolidated experience in this sector, at Verinox we are well-aware of the many and diverse needs of this type of clientele:

initial plant costs, flexible and user-friendly equipment, limited running costs and the ability to process a large variety of products.

Verinox's design and development work goes beyond normal risk analysis procedures; the safety features of our systems comply with the most stringent European regulations and correspond to the most restrictive food hygiene standards.

Verinox's quality and experience ensure:

  • even temperatures
  • homogeneous production
  • flexibility in adapting to the demands of the market
  • bacteriologically safe products
  • machines that are simple and safe to use
  • as well as hygienic and quick to clean
  • highly reliable with reduced maintenance costs
  • and economical to run

Verinox's certified quality, experience and know-how guarantee your investment.

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