Dessication Chambers

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Verinox designs and produces alternated horizontal flow drying machines for vegetables and meat products.

These machines, known as M…ES, provide for complete cycles with temperatures of up to 70°C,  including:

  • Drying
  • Desiccation
  • Stabilization

With Verinox driers you can set temperature and humidity values, select the ventilation speed and air lock regulation for each recipe.

A choice of accessories and control panels also enables you to control:

  •  the weight of the products being dried
  •  the air speed, in variable and continuous mode

Thanks to Verinox’s experience and high technology, we can customize your  plant according to your production requirements with extremely high degrees of automation and control.

The products to be dried are placed on lattice trays, subsequently inserted into trolleys on wheels.

This range of driers is suitable for the dried food transformation industry, and is designed to provide the best solution for a large variety of production requirements.

Verinox’s quality and experience ensure:

  • even inside temperatures and humidity
  • homogeneous production
  • maximum flexibility in use
  • bacteriologically safe products
  • machines that are simple and safe to use
  • hygienic and fast to clean,
  • reliable, so with reduced maintenance costs
  • highly efficient and energy-saving.

What’s more, thanks to a team of qualified experts, Verinox can supply you with machines designed and “made to measure”. 


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