Fast Cooling Plants

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raffreddamento_rapidoCooling, just like cooking, plays a decisive role in the successful production of quality cooked hams and salami.

The cooling process enables you to control and to achieve finished products with different organoleptic and hygienic-sanitary features.

Verinox has therefore developed a series of fast cooling systems to meet such process requirements, focusing special attention on energy saving.

With the Modul Industrial type MRR range, Verinox offers a really wide technological choice, with models such as:

- Type A with forced air cooling cycles or forced air with nebulized water

- Type AR with recirculated water or brine cooling cycles:

- Type M with recirculated water or brine cooling cycles with forced air and with forced air with nebulized water

The whole range is suitable for the food transformation industry for products such as:

meat, fish, cheese and agro-foodstuffs in general. It offers:

  • evenly and precisely maintained inside temperature settings
  • homogeneous production
  • maximum flexibility
  • bacteriologically safe products
  • machines that are simple and safe to use
  • hygienic and fast to clean,
  • reliable, so with reduced maintenance costs
  • highly efficient and energy-saving.

What's more, thanks to a team of qualified experts, Verinox can offer you machines that have been designed and "made to measure".

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