Integrated system of handling and automatic management for goods in the food industry

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gulliver_verinoxVerinox, a leading company, always attentive to food industry demand, in collaboration with another company, highly specialised in the logistic sector and in handling in other sectors, has developed Gulliver.

Gulliver is an integrated handling and transporting system for the supervision of the product flows.

The Gulliver Supervision program gathers information from the action field, and supervises the vehicles missions according the desired priority, in order to co-ordinate production traffic and flow. In this way, at any moment it is possible to display the production state and the exact position of the moving vehicles and of the product distribution in different working departments, inside the rest cells or other points of interest.

If used along with the CUMIX supervision system that provides to read temperatures or product treatment processes, it is possible to obtain full product tracking during all the phases managed by GULLIVER.

The GULLIVER handling vehicle, manufactured completely in stainless steel, has been designed to work in hard conditions of humidity, with big temperature changes, highly slippery floors, typical for the working environment in the food transformation sectors, and to be completely washable and fully sanitary.

The essential element of the Gulliver system is the laser scanner assembled on each vehicle, that permits to handle in different working departments without any auxiliary overhead rail system or any fixed structure. The rotating laser head reads and triangulates the operative zone around it, and enables to locate the exact position of the vehicle inside the factory and to correct it according to the missions to be done.


  • New logic in the plant design
  1. Reduction and optimisation of taken areas
  2. Absence of any accessorial mechanical structure
  3. No fixed structure

  • Maximal flexibility
  1. possibility to simulate the plant functioning in the laboratory
  2. Reduction of the installing and starting time
  3. Automatic enabling and disabling of parking areas
  4. Re-processing of the configuration of the main plant lay-out can be effected simply by modification of the supervision system software
  • Maximal flexibility and security
  1. Full reliability of the supervision system
  2. Automatic positioning in a safety area in case of mission interruption with acoustic and visual signalling of the state
  3. Re-insertion of the vehicle into the production flow by simple intervention from the supervision console.
  4. Avant-garde safety systems: photocells and electronic dumpers for pointing out unexpected obstacles with immediate consequent vehicle power off.
  • Flow production optimisation
  1. Constant control of the parking area configuration: position, state, product contained inside the cages
  2. Exceptions supervision in the cages handling sequence

  • Innovation in the control process


  1. Real time supervision of the product and process data and for each supervisioned cage.
  2. Statistics for product and process
  3. Integration between the handling process and the data management with the possibility of tracking of any single production



The GULLIVER system represents the continuous systematic and technologic innovation from Verinox, thanks to the continuous research of quality and the great sensibility towards its clients necessities. Verinox is your ideal partner.




The vehicle is built up from two standard bases, with possibility to change some characteristics of the lifting system, according to the client's needs.


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