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CUMIX is the centralized management system designed by VERINOX to control and supervise plant for the food industry and in particular for meat processing systems.
The software has been developed with the best programming languages and, thanks to its great flexibility, it is able to handle different machines such as:
  • Ovens
  • Churning machines
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Seasoning and drying cells
  • Refrigerated cells
  • Refrigerating plant
  • Smoke generators
  • Electricity distribution stations
  • Purifiers
  • Heating plants.



The main functions performed by the program include:

  • Displaying plant status.
  • Displaying or modifying programs or processing cycles.
  • Transferring and receiving programs from the control panels of the individual machines.
  • Controlling the processing cycles.
  • Driving the main functions of the individual machines.
  • Enabling or disabling probes during operation
  • Displaying operations on mimic panels.
  • Monitoring events or plant failures.
  • Generating graphs.
  • Printing processing reports.



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