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Our aim is to:

  • meet the growing demand for increasingly sophisticated process technologies;
  • constantly improve the man/machine/process ratio in order to guarantee a top quality end product, without jeopardizing the safety and protection of the environment

Our know-how at the service of our customers

At Verinox we can provide you with this know-how: our experts are placed at our customers' disposal, enabling them to set up the recipes, parameters and techniques necessary to obtain these typical ITALIAN products.

After-sales services

On the strength of available stocks of spare parts, an ON-LINE help desk, qualified assistance staff and an efficient export service, Verinox is able to ensure an immediate reaction and effective problem-solving in response to all types of service calls.

The Verinox ON-LINE help desk has been the flower in our button-hole for years: a modem link-up enabling modifications to process parameters or simple checks to be made on line is an advantage widely appreciated and effectively used by a large number of our customers.


Staff training

The growing demand for complex high-tech processes and plant calls for adequately trained plant operators and maintenance staff.

Verinox organizes training courses, either at its Italian premises or at the customer's, both for the people who actually run the plant, and for the staff in charge of routine and extraordinary maintenance on plant and machinery.

We also provide courses on the technological process methodologies used in the food industry.


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