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Verinox was formed in 1975 as a company specializing in the construction of  heat treatment plant and machinery for the food industry.

The founder, Diego Veronesi, already had wide-ranging experience in the field: an on-going commitment, research into process technologies and outstanding dedication have enabled Verinox to consolidate skills and know-how that have ensured the company a leading position in the sector.

Today Verinox is proud of the experience and quality behind the construction of its plant and machinery, which meet a wide variety of process requirements such as: cooking, smoking, drying and pasteurization.

The application of increasingly sophisticated technologies, the continual experience gained in the field, as well as quality and ISO 9000 certification are a guarantee for our customers in over 30 countries.

Verinox is based in Vigolo Vattaro, near Trento in northern Italy, with premises covering a surface area of 10.000 sq.m.


Our strong points

Our aim is to maintain our leading position in the sector, and this objective is upheld by continuously investing in technological research, by ensuring constant quality levels and by upgrading production technologies in line with the latest developments in the field.

Such ambitions underline the enthusiasm with which we direct our efforts towards a single purpose: to guarantee our Customers a safe investment when they purchase our machines.

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