Rosty High Temperature Ovens

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ROSTY is an industrial oven, for temperatures up to 280 °C, with outstanding performances due to the alternate horizontal airflow. It has been designed for a wide range of products: meat, fish and vegetables products, pâtés, bakery products, prepared foods, pizzas. It can therefore deal with a variety of thermal processes like: browning, roasting, drying, dry cooking, vapour cooking (using the optional vapour generator).

The construction, made of stainless steel, uses panels thermally insulated with specific low conducting materials. High efficiency fans together with special air ducts create inside the oven an alternate horizontal airflow that equalizes extremely well the warmth distribution. Air is heated by shielded electrical resistances. The oven is equipped with an electronic control panel to allow easy and thorough control of the production cycle. It can be supplied with a series of optional accessories.

Verinox quality is a synonym for safe food and a safe environment.



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