Drying Chambers

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This range of cells is suitable for small and medium-sized production units and meets the drying and smoking requirements of a wide range of products.

The use of advanced technologies, the customization of processes and plant in large-scale production units, the continual challenge posed by the competition and awareness of the importance of quality in food production, have always prompted Verinox to dedicate time and attention to the design and development of small-scale production machinery too.

The Verinox AF drying and smoking cells provide the answer; they come in two models, designed for:

  • Drying;
  • Smoking.

Verinox's quality and experience ensure:

  • even temperatures
  • homogeneous production
  • maximum flexibility in adapting to market demands
  • bacteriologically safe products
  • machines that are simple and safe to use
  • hygienic and fast to clean,
  • reliable, so with reduced maintenance costs
  • economical to run.

Treatable products

A major attribute of VERINOX AF cells is their great versatility: they can be used to treat any hot-smoked product – including typical and regional products – requiring one or more processing phases, such as:

  • Drying (ventilation only with an outward exchange of air to reduce humidity, with temperatures from 35 to max. 60°C)
  • Smoking (combined ventilation and aspiration of smoke from the generator, at temperatures from 40 to max. 60°C).

The following are examples of products treatable:

  • Smoked bacon
  • Hot-smoked fish
  • Hot-smoked cheese
  • Meat products in general

Thanks to a wide range of accessories, you can easily adapt the system to meet your particular operating, process, and parameter and recipe control requirements.

Verinox quality is a synonym for safe food and a safe environment.

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