Smoke Generators

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generatore_fumoSmoke generators come in various models, according to the smoking requirements.

The range of Verinox smoke generators can be applied both to original Verinox plant or to machines produced by other manufacturers.

Thanks to our consolidated experience, at Verinox we can advise you on the most suitable smoke generator to obtain:

  • product colour intensity
  • product flavour intensity

The Verinox smoke generator range has been designed for the meat, fish, cheese and agro-food product transformation industry in general, and includes:

  • Sawdust-fed smoke generators
  • Wooden log-fed smoke generators
  • Condensed liquid smoke nebulizers.

Important aspects of the smoking process include:

  • even and intense smoke generation, to obtain homogeneous products
  • specific smoke generators for the process required
  • smoke mixing system operating and pause time
  • combustion chamber temperatures
  • absence of unwanted components, such as polycyclic hydrocarbons.

Verinox smoke generators have a closed circuit, emission-free system, which complies with pollution abatement regulations.

Thanks to a wide range of accessories, you can easily adapt the system to meet your particular operating, process, and parameter and recipe control requirements.

Products treatable

With the VERINOX smoke generators all cooking and smoking systems can be connected to treat all kinds of product, including typical and regional ones, that need one or more smoking phases.

The following are examples of products treatable:

  • Hot or cold-smoked fish
  • Hot-smoked cheese
  • Hot or cold-smoked meat products in general
  • Typical regional or local products
  • Frankfurters

Accurate design and construction right down to the smallest detail, framework made completely of satin and ribbed AISI304 stainless steel, insulation.

Verinox smoke generators are dimensioned for optimum efficiency.


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