Automatic Pasteurizing Plants

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pastorizzazionePasteurization decreases the bacterial load of a product, in some cases by as much as 99%, without jeopardizing its physical, chemical, organoleptic or vitaminic characteristics.

Such requirements are increasingly sought after in the meat industry, where "excellence" has become a byword and where preservation is expected to be longer lasting.

Verinox, world leaders in the sector, produce pasteurizing machines for cooked products for the meat industry, and our experience is widely acknowledged internationally too.

Verinox pasteurizers can also deal with packaged products, to eliminate superficial bacterial loads caused by handling or processing after cooking.

Despite being managed by sophisticated control systems, Verinox pasteurizing machines are easy to use and set, and do not require specialized operators.

Verinox pasteurizing systems are split into:


Semiautomatic, with ground trolleys or product supports on rails, for discontinuous processes with possible automatic product movement.

- PS C Series

Continuous type, with products moved vertically, loaded on to grids. This system is absolutely innovative and has been patented.

- PS NAS Series

Continuous type with the product moved horizontally on a conveyor belt.

- PS CAT Series

Continuous type with the product moved vertically on cradles.

Thanks to our experience and design capabilities, Verinox pasteurizing machines are among the most popular, not only because results are guaranteed, but also because the machines themselves are simple to use.


Here are just some of the advantages they offer:

  • Low power consumption thanks to the saturated steam heating system
  • Fast machine warm-up
  • High investment profitability compared to other continuous pasteurization systems
  • User-friendly
  • Limited overall installation dimensions
  • High load and yield capacity, thanks to the cooling water injection and nebulization system
  • Easy to clean thanks to the absence of any sharp edges
  • Easy and economical to maintain, with easily accessible equipment
  • Highly reliable control instruments.


Products treatable

These pasteurizers can be used to treat all packed products that need to eliminate the surface load of bacteria caused by handling or processing after cooking (peeling, transfers, etc.)

Indicatively, the following products can be pasteurized:

  • Whole packed cooked hams
  • Packed Frankfurters
  • Whole packed cooked sausages
  • Meat products in general, cooked and packed

Verinox, a synonym for guarantee  


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